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Your finances should reflect your vision.

We are a values-based financial planning firm.

We help you build and execute a financial plan that reflects who you are and what you believe in.

Don't settle for impersonal financial advice.

Are you getting financial advice, but feel alone in the process? Is the advice confusing? Are you getting the help you are paying for?

We believe each person is unique and needs a customized financial plan to reflect this.  We give you the personal attention that you and your financial future deserve.


You are unique, your financial plan is too.

You aren’t generic.  Your financial plan shouldn’t be either. You have values you believe in, goals to shoot for and personal dreams to live out.  We believe your finances should reflect those things.  Knowing them helps us to know you and craft a plan that highly customized, comprehensive and measurable.

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Advice and support every step of the way.

1.Schedule a consultation

Schedule a preliminary consultation call with Erik or Brad. You can meet us and ask questions.
Team Brainstorm
3. Execute your plan

A plan is not worth anything if it is not put into place. We help ensure you are staying in alignment with your vision and values.
Designer Comparing Samples
2.Develop a plan based on your values & vision

We develop a comprehensive financial plan that aligns with your values and vision.
4. Live your plan

Enjoy knowing that your finances reflect your values and you are living out your vision.

Are you on track to financial empowerment?

Understand how connected your finances are with your values and objectives. Take our 5 minute assessment and get a customized report via email. 


  • Business transition planning 

  • Business retirement planning / 401k 

  • College planning 

  • Debt planning 

  • Employee benefit analysis

  • Employee retention planning

  • Employee stock compensation planning

  • Group benefits advice

  • Inheritance planning

  • Insurance planning

  • Investment advice 

  • Real estate review 

  • Savings planning

  • Start-up business planning




>  Fiduciary financial planning contract*

>  One-on-one meetings
>  A financial plan designed around your values and objectives

> Thorough execution of your plan to make it a reality
>  On-call access to answer questions 

*When we contract to provide fee-based financial planning, we operate with a fiduciary standard of care. This means we do the following:

  • Act in the client’s best interests.

  • Exercise due care.

  • Avoid or disclose and manage conflicts of interest.

  • Maintain the confidentiality and protect the privacy of client information.

Starting at $110 per month*

$750 initial set-up (first year only)

Includes Core services plus:

  • Inheritance planning

  • Investment advice

  • Tax planning strategies

  • Real estate review

  • College planning

  • Business start-up planning

  • Employee stock compensation planning

Business Owner
Starting at $220 per month*

$1500 initial set-up (first year only)

Includes Core & Personal services plus:

  • Business retirement plan / 401k

  • Group benefits advice

  • Business transition planning

  • Employee retention planning

*These are our standard prices. In some circumstances we may charge a higher fee if additional time for our services is required. 

We are not currently taking new clients.
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Don't see a plan that is right for you?

About Us

Our Team

We understand how difficult it can be to align your values with financial decisions and execute a clear plan.

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Trusting us with your finances is something we take seriously when providing fee-based planning. We are obligated to provide fiduciary advice and will always make recommendations in your best interest.

Maria Shanley
Client Relationship Manager

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Erik Sartin

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Brad Sparks

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Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a consultation with us.

A financial plan is more than finance.
We care about your mental, physical and professional well-being.

315 W Oak St. Suite 702
Fort Collins, CO 80521


Access to our Trail Map.

Once a month, we'll send you an email with ways to integrate your values with your finances and take action towards financial confidence.

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